4-Way, 3-Position Remote Manual

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Single or double-acting cylinders

4-Way 3-Position (closed center) and (tandem center) manual valves with Posi-Check®

Application: Single or double-acting cylinders.

When used with single-acting cylinders, one port must be plugged. For double-acting cylinders, either port can be used to “advance” or “return.”

Actuation: Lever-operated, detent positioned.

Functions: The 9508 provides “advance,” “hold” and “return” positions with all ports blocked (closed center) in the “hold” position. The 9509 has “advance,” “hold” and “return” with tandem center (cylinder ports are blocked, pump remains running). Both valves have Posi-Check® feature to guard against pressure loss when shifting from “advance” to “hold.”

CAUTION: To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a Load Lowering Valve (No. 9596) or Counter Balance Valve (No. 9720) in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application.

CAUTION: The Posi-Check® feature will not hold the load when shifted directly A to B-B to A or from hold to A or B.

NOTE: Maximum tank line pressure for remote mounted valves is 500 psi.

Order No. Cylinder
Application *
Operation Valve Type Volt Advance / Return Advance / Hold Return Posi-Check® Feature Weight
9508† S.A & D.A. Manual 4-way, 3-Pos. Closed Center — No Yes Yes 6.3
9509† S.A. & D.A. Manual 4-way, 3-Pos. Tandem Center — No Yes Yes 6.3
* “S.A.” represents single-acting cylinders, “D.A.” represents double-acting cylinders
† Includes subplate for remote mounting.

4-Way/3-Position (Closed Center) and (Tandem Center) Manual Valves with Posi-Check (9508/9509) – Diagram 1

4-Way/3-Position (Closed Center) and (Tandem Center) Manual Valves with Posi-Check (9508/9509) – Diagram 2

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