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PPower Team high-performance hydraulic pumps, aluminum cylinders and other hydraulic, pneumatic and hand tools and accessories are integral to many processes in mining and quarrying operations ― including those underground. Despite the difficult and demanding nature of mining environments, Power Team products perform in a robust, safe and reliable manner.

Power Team equipment commonly used in the mining and quarrying industries include hydraulic rams, pumps, inflatable jacks and other equipment used in applications that require lifting, pushing, clamping and more. This equipment also can be used for on-site maintenance solutions for the heavy equipment used for mining and quarrying.


Slab Cutting


SPX Solution a Cut Above for Slab Cutting:

Conventional methods for « turning » cuts in a limestone quarry consist of pulling the slab from the face using cranes and cables. A typical cut is 60-feet long, 4-1/2-feet wide and 12-1/2-feet high.
At approximately 250 tons, these slabs are dangerous and difficult to turn. Cables can break and whipsaw anything in their path. Equipment can also tip, break or fall. Power Team® brand equipment from SPX provided an Indiana limestone company with a safer alternative.

Inflatable Jacks Provide a Safer Cut

Instead of traditional cranes and cables, the limestone company implemented use of Power Team® IJ7320, 73-ton inflatable jacks to push the cut away from the face. The inflatable jacks are equipped with shutoff valves and dual controls.
After 100-ton hydraulic rams crack the limestone away, the 7/8-inch thick jacks are inserted into the gap and inflated. As the gap widens beyond the capacity of the single jack, additional jacks are stacked together and lowered in the crevice. The process is repeated until the cut is turned.
The ability to carefully position the inflatable jacks and the jack’s powerful controlled push provided an additional margin of safety, saving time and helping to reduce stone breakage.