Load Lowering Valve

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Precision metering for controlled cylinder piston return.

Application: Precision metering for controlled cylinder piston return.

Operation: Permits free flow when extending cylinder, built-in pressure relief and Posi-Check® locks and holds load in raised position until operator opens valve. May be pre-set to provide consistent metered return, or operator may select rate of return with each actuation. Has 3/8″ NPTF ports.

NOTE: Pressure relief valve setting is 12,000 psi. Operating pressure is 10,000 psi and max. flow rate is 5 gpm.

CAUTION: To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a Load Lowering Valve (No. 9596) or Counter Balance Valve (No. 9720) in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application.

Order No. Cylinder
Application *
Operation Valve Type Volt Advance / Return Advance / Hold Return Posi-Check® Feature Weight (lbs.)
9596 S.A. Manual Load Lowering Valve — — — — 2.1
* “S.A.” represents single-acting cylinders
Load Lowering Valve (9596) - Diagram
Operating Instructions

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