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PPower Team hydraulic pumps, cylinders, mechanical tools and accessories offer in-plant solutions where heavy lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, pressing, spreading and holding in position are required. Power Team products can help with the most difficult in-plant maintenance and production jobs.


Reduce Downtime


Hydraulic Equipment Helps Reduce Downtime and Damage

Removing shafts, bearings and shaft-couplings, both in the shop and at the mill, is a regular daily task for the maintenance shop of a large paper mill on the West Coast.
Often heating and cutting torch operations were required, resulting in damage to the components.
The paper mill purchased a Power Team® brand PH1002 100-ton hydraulic puller that could be used in the shop or transported to the mill facility, where a special bracket lifts it up to the machines. It was purchased with four adapters and an additional adapter was fabricated by the mill.

The new puller has resulted in considerable savings for the mill, which reported that it hadn’t damaged any equipment or had to remake a coupler since purchasing the Power Team brand equipment. In addition, a process that used to take four man-hours is now done by a single person in minutes.