Pipe Sealant

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Forms a clog-free seal. Replaces conventional tape which can shred or tear, possibly plugging filters, valves or gauges.
  • Seals new or damaged threads; resists water, chemicals and oils.
  • Replaces conventional tape methods; forms a clog-free seal. Effective at 10,000 psi.

When “plumbing” a hydraulic system, there’s now a better answer than tapes which can tear or shred, possibly plugging filters, valves or gauges. Seals all metal fittings, plugs and threaded joints quickly and easily. Cures to form a permanent seal which is inert to hydrocarbons,most acids, chemicals, solvents and steam. Allows adjustment up to 16 hours after assembly; cannot loosen under vibration. Prevents galling of mating parts upon disassembly. Withstands temperatures from 65° F to +375° F.

Order No. Description Weight
HTS50 Sealant, 50 ml. tube. 0.4

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