Compression Tool: 60-100T

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Single or Double Acting portable hydraulic compression tool for transmission and distribution applications.

  Compression Tools – Single or Double Acting

  • Large capacity for transmission and distribution applications
  • Easy die set installation
  • Capacity for U- or shell-type dies ( H-types require conversion kit for 100 series)
  • Double acting conversion kit included
  • Hinged flip-top head
  • Carrying handles for portability
  • Pressure matched quick-couplers supplied
  • Carrying Case is included with 60 and 100 ton

The 60-Ton Series Single or Double Acting Portable Hydraulic Compression Tool is precision designed and unsurpassed in the industry. This tool will provide years of dependable service. The compression tool develops 60 Tons of force at 10,000 psi for the installation of electrical compression fittings. A special piston design facilitates operation in single or double acting mode by removing the vent plug from the upper port and substituting the quick-coupler, utilizing a 4-way control valve equipped pump at a high-pressure safety relief valve setting of 10,000 psi. The 100-Ton Series Single or Double Acting Portable Hydraulic Compression Tool is designed for the installation of compression fittings. This precision engineered compression tool develops 100 tons of force at 10,000 psi,

Order No. Crimping Force U.S.
Operating Pressure
Crimping Capacity
60-TON S/DC 62.8 10,000 1590 72.0
60-TON LS-C 62.8 10,000 1590 60.0
100-TON S/DC 100.0 10,000 up to 3.25″ outside diameter of connectors 213.0
Order No. Overall Length
Head Width
60-TON S/DC 11.31 6 17.04
60-TON LS-C 11.31 6 17.04
100-TON S/DC 15.25 12.75 19.82

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