4-Way, 3-Position (Closed Ctr) Manual Valve

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Single or double-acting cylinders


Application – Single or double-acting cylinders.

Actuation – Lever operated, detent positioned.

Functions “Advance,” “hold” and “return.” Closed center design makes valve suitable for operating multiple cylinders from a single pump.

Used on these pumps – P460, PA17, PA46, PA55, PA60, PE17, PE21, PE30, PE46, PE55, PE84, PE90, PE120, PE200, PE400, PQ60 and P120 series.

10,000 PSI., 3/8″ PORTS, 5 GPM MAX FLOW RATE.

NOTE: A Pressure Switch and/or Gauge (Analog or Digital) may be attached to valves 9500, 9501, 9506, 9511 if desired.

NOTE: Also, valves may be remote mounted with a 9510 Subplates.

IMPORTANT: Conversion kit 251528 must be used when mounting any of the valves on PA17 or PE17 pumps.

Order No. Cylinder
Application *
Operation Valve Type Volt Advance / Return Advance / Hold Return Posi-Check® Feature Weight (lbs.)
9501 S.A & D.A. Manual 4-way, 3 Pos. Closed Center — No Yes No 4.2
* “S.A.” represents single-acting cylinders, “D.A.” represents double-acting cylinders
4-Way/3-Position (Closed Center) Manual Valves (9501) – Diagram

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