4-way, 3-Position (Closed Ctr) Manual w/Posi-Check

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Single or double-acting cylinders


Application – Single or double-acting cylinders.

Actuation – Lever operated, detent positioned.

Functions Similar to 9506, but is a closed center valve with Posi-Check®. Generally used to operate multiple cylinders with a single pump. Provides “advance,” “hold” and “return.” The Posi-Check® feature guards against pressure loss when shifting from the “advance” to “hold” position.

Used on these pumps – P460, PA17, PA46, PA55, PA60, PA6D, PE17, PE21, PE30, PE46, PE55, PE84, PE90, PE120, PE200, PE400, PQ60 and PQ120 series.

10,000 PSI., 3/8″ PORTS, 5 GPM MAX FLOW RATE.

NOTE: 9507 can be remote mounted with a 9510 Subplates.

IMPORTANT: Conversion kit 251528 must be used when mounting any of the valves on PA17 or PE17 pumps.

NOTE:  Valves 9501, 9502, 9504 and 9507 can have a port blocked or have a closed center position.  When a port is blocked and the valve is shifted to the blocked port, the pump will generate excessive heat.  An electric or rotary air pump can either be turned off manually or with a pressure switch.  Reciprocating air pumps may be adjusted to stall out and stop.

NOTE: Gauge ports monitor pump pressure only, not pressure to the hydraulic cylinder(s).

Order No. Cylinder
Application *
Operation Valve Type Volt Advance / Return Advance/Hold Return Posi-Check® Feature Weight
9507 D.A. Manual 4-way, 3 Pos. Closed Center — No Yes Yes 5.0
* “D.A.” represents double-acting cylinders
4-Way/3-Position (Closed Center) Valves with Posi-Check® (9507) – Diagram

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