3-way, 3-position (Pilot Operated)

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Single-acting cylinders

Application – Single-acting cylinders.

Actuation – Solenoid operated: 9605 is 115 volt, 50/60 Hz; 9599 is 24 volt, 50/60 Hz.

Functions – “Advance,” “hold” and “return” positions. When in “advance,” solenoid “B” is energized and oil goes from pump to cylinder through pressure port. In “return” position, solenoid “A” is energized and oil is directed from cylinder and pump to reservoir. With both solenoids de-energized, in “hold” position, oil from pump is directed back to reservoir while oil is checked in cylinder. The Posi-Check® feature holds load when shifting from “advance” to “hold” position.

Used on these pumps – Furnished with pilot lines and adapters for PE55, PE30 (carrying handles must be removed) and PE120 series. For application on other models, consult factory.

10,000 PSI., 3/8” PORTS, 5 GPM MAX FLOW RATE.

NOTE: Valves are shipped without controls. Use Remote Hand Control (No. 202777). Consult factory for field installation.

CAUTION: To prevent sudden, uncontrolled descent of a load as it is being lowered, use a Load Lowering Valve (No. 9596) or Counter Balance Valve (No. 9720) in conjunction with the directional valve used in your application.

IMPORTANT: When ordering any valve for a PE30 or PG30 series pump, ½” longer mounting screws are required.
For valves 9500, 9501 and 9511, order four 12001 cap screws.
For valves 9599 and 9605, order four 251078 cap screws.
For valve 9609, order four 10855, cap screws.

Order No. Cylinder
Application *
Operation Valve Type Volt Advance / Return Advance / Hold Return Posi-Check® Feature Weight
9599 S.A. Pilot Operated Solenoid 3-way, 3 Pos. Tandem Center 24 No Yes Yes 14.0
9605 S.A. Pilot Operated Solenoid 3-way, 3 Pos. Tandem Center 115 No Yes Yes 14.0
* “S.A.” represents single-acting cylinders
3-Way/3-Position (Tandem Center) Solenoid Valve with Posi-Check (9605/9599) – Diagram
Operating Instructions
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