Remote-Hydraulic Pusher/Puller Kit

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8 Ton: Includes hydraulics, pullers and accessories in set

These pushers are ideal for installing a wide variety of press-fit parts, including bushings, wheels, bearings, gears, and pulleys. Applications for the pushers will be found in motor repair shops, steel mills, mines, quarries, shipyards, utilities, maintenance shops, agricultural machinery repair, and the list goes on.

  • Power Team, a leader in hydraulic tools for over 80 years, now adds patented, pushing systems to the world’s most complete line of innovative equipment.
  • Power Team pushers have been rigorously tested for top performance and reliability at maximum capacity.
  • These pushing systems are covered by Power Team’s exclusive Powerthonâ„¢ Lifetime Warranty — assuring you of the highest quality and reliability.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION:  Power Team recommends the use of protective blankets for all pushing operatings.  For ease of visual clarity, we have shown the pusher application photos without these safeguards.

Description Weight
 lbs. kg.Â
PHP8R 8 tons Remote-Hydraulic Pusher 77.3 33
Pullers Bearing Pushers Reach DiagramPullers Bearing Pushers Spread DiagramPullers Bearing Pushers Stroke Diagram

Reach Spread Stroke
(in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.)
PHP8R 2.16-15.16 55-385 2.28-10.62 58-270 3.23 82
Operating Instructions

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