10 Ton Manual Puller Set

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10 Ton: Includes pullers, attachments and accessories
10 ton manual puller setThis puller set is just what you need for removing gears, bearings, etc. Includes pullers, attachments, and many accessories.

Description Weight
IPS10M 10 Ton Capacity Manual Puller Set 53.0

CAUTION:  All the items shown may not withstand the full tonnage specified.  Example:  When an accessory with a 1 ton capacity is used with a 7 ton puller, the setup can be used only at a force of 1 ton.

Set Contents
Order No.
927 10 ton capacity Push-Puller® with 6 3/4  » legs
1023 2 ton combination 2/3-jaw puller
1026 5 ton combination 2/3-jaw puller
1027 5 ton combination 2/3-jaw puller
1037 7 ton combination 2/3-jaw puller
1178 Slide hammer set
8075 Step plate adapter set
8044 Female threaded adapter set
8035 Female threaded adapter: 1/2  »-20 x 5/8″-18
1151 Bearing cup pulling attachment
1121 Bearing pulling attachment
1122 Bearing pulling attachment
1123 Bearing pulling attachment
1101 15 1/2″ long puller legs for 927 (pr.)
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