HT: 50-200GPM Tester

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Hydraulic Testers accurately measure oil flow, pressure and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts, machine tools and more.

  • Accurately measure oil flow, pressure and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts,machine tools and more.
  • Temperature and flow readings are in Metric and English, accurate to within ±2% of full scale.
  • Dual pressure gauges for high and low pressure readings; low pressure gauge is automatically shut off and protected as pressure rises beyond its maximum reading.
  • Automatic pressure compensating feature lets you increase flow without affecting pressure setting.
  • Reverse flow through tester will not cause damage; replaceable safety disc ruptures if pressure exceeds upper limit.
  • Solid state voltage regulator eliminates errors caused by voltage change during testing.


  • Troubleshoots systems with capacities to 200 gpm at pressures less than 5,000 psi. Accurately measure oil flow to ±5%, pressure to within 2% and temperature readings within 1%.
  • Pressure gauge is liquid filled to dampen system pulsation.

For more precise low pressure readings, an optional dual pressure gauge kit is available.

Order No. Description Weight
HT50A Hydraulic circuit tester with single liquid filled pressure gauge, 0-5,000 psi, 0-354 bar. Includes two adapter unions for 3/4″ male NPTF fittings. 37.0

Testing the Pump: Operator runs engine at a specific rpm and adjusts tester’s pressure compensating valve to simulate a work load. By com paring meter readings with manufacturer specs, proper operation of pump can be confirmed. If oil flow and pressure do not meet Specs, the pump is faulty, Or, if test results and specifications agree, the operator will know that the problem is elsewhere in the system and that the other tests must be performed. Regardless of the component being tested, Hook-up and testing is accomplished in minutes.Â

Note: These hydraulic testers should always be used with the owner’s manual/manufacture’s specification for the system under the test.

Order No. Max Flow
Scale Flow
L/min. Max. Oper. Pressure Temp. Scale
Port Sizes Weight
psi BAR °F °C (lbs.) (kg.)
HT50A 50 — 0-50 0-200 5,000 345 20-240 -6 to 114 11/16-12UN Female « O » Ring with Union Adapt. 3/4  » Female NPTF 30.3 16.8
HT75 75 High Low 15-75
5,000 345 100-250 40-120 3/4  » NPT Swivel 18.2 8.6
HT200 200 High Low 25-200
5,000 345 100-250 40-120 11/2 « * SAE Split Flange 28.2 13.6
 * Not included, must be ordered separately.
Specialty Tools: HT Series - Diagram

Order No. A B C
(in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.) (in.) (mm.)
HT50A 12 1/4 311.00 6 1/4 159.00 10 255.00
HT75 13 3/4 349.50 11 7/8 301.62 5 3/4 146.05
HT200 15 7/8 403.47 13 3/4 336.55 6 3/4 171.45

Testing a pump

Specialty Tools: HT Series - Diagram 1 - Testing a pump

Testing a relief valve

Specialty Tools: HT Series - Diagram 2 - Testing a relief valve

Testing a directional valve

Specialty Tools: HT Series - Diagram 3 - Testing a directional valve

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